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Embassy Closures week of 13 August 2012 13 August 12

Posted by Jonathan V. Phillips in Embassy Consulate Closure.

Embassy Closures for the week of 13 August 2012.

Lot’s of independence days this week to celebrate. Among others we see the creation of the India and Pakistan. Bangladesh also has a holiday this week.

Monday, Aug. 13

Central African Republic closed for Independence Day

Laos closed for Lao Issara (Day of the Free Laos)

Thailand closed for Queen’s Birthday Observed

Tuesday, Aug. 14

Pakistan closed for Independence Day

Wednesday, Aug. 15

Bangladesh closed for National Mourning Day

Burkina Faso closed for Assumption

Congo Republic closed for National Day

India closed for Independence Day (Travisa open for submissions)

Paraguay closed for Founding of Asuncion

South Korea closed for Liberation Day

Thursday, Aug. 16

Gabon closed for Independence Day

Eid al Fitr, the end of Ramadan, is next week (Aug. 20).  The Islamic world is ending their month long fasting. Expect  extended embassy closures, including some closures for the whole week. This list is based on last year’s Eid al Fitr closures last year and is not definite. This embassy closure list will be updated as dates are confirmed by the embassy staff.

  • Afghanistan – 4 days
  • Bangladesh – 2 days in DC, all week in NYC
  • Burundi – 1 day
  • Chad – 1 day
  • Egypt – closed all week
  • Ghana – 2 days
  • Indonesia – 3 days
  • Iran – 1 day
  • Jordan – 3 days
  • Kazakhstan – 1 day
  • Kenya – 1 day
  • Kyrgyzstan – 1 day
  • Lebanon – 2 days
  • Malaysia – 1 day
  • Nigeria – 2 days
  • Oman – 4 days
  • Pakistan – 3 days
  • Philippines – 2 days
  • Saudi Arabia – all week
  • Tajikistan – 1 day
  • Tanzania – 2 days
  • Turkey – 1 day
  • Turkmenistan – 2 days
  • Uganda – 1 day
  • Yemen – 2 days

Stay informed with the latest foreign embassy and consulate schedules in the US. G3 keeps you informed.


1. John - 31 August 12

I was expecting to find some info here about the the new Russian visa requirements which become effective September 9. I am planning to visit Russia at the end of September but I am not sure if I’ll need an invitation.

g3visas - 31 August 12


Thanks for your inquiry. We are monitoring this situation with Russia closely. We have seen the reports that invites are no longer required after Sept 9 but there has been no word from the consulate regarding any changes. We have been informed by them things will be business as usual until they let us know otherwise. Once we have a definitive directive from them, we will alert our clients. T


Jonathan Phillips
Director of Special Projects

2. John - 7 September 12

This link will provide more information:

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