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International Protest Update, September 13 13 September 12

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In addition to the September 11 protests in Benghazi, Libya and Cairo, Egypt, protests have occurred in the following countries:

  • Yemen: US Embassy staff have been evacuated following a violent protest today in which hundreds of protesters stormed the embassy grounds in Sanaa.  More than 15 people have been injured.
  • Morocco: Approximately 400 people have demonstrated at the US Consulate in Casablanca, Morocco today, but no violence has been reported.
  • Israel: Israeli Muslims held a small, non-violent demonstration today at the US Embassy in Tel Aviv, Israel.
  • Bangladesh:  Approximately 100 people held a small protest at the Baitul Mokarram Mosque in Dhaka, Bangladesh today. Additional protests at the US Embassy and other mosques have been threatened, and may occur after Friday prayers on September 14.
  • Iran: A group of approximately 500 people protested today at the Swiss Embassy in Tehran.  As the US does not maintain an Embassy in Iran, the Swiss Embassy represents US interests.
  • Iraq: Protests have been held today in several cities, including Basra and Baghdad, and reports state that the militia group Asaib al-Haq has threatened attacks on US interests in Iraq.
  • Sudan: On 12 September a small demonstration occurred at the US Embassy in Khartoum, Sudan; no violence occurred.
  • Tunisia: 200 people demonstrated non-violently at the US Embassy in Tunis, Tunisia on September 12.
  • Palestine: On September12,  supporters of a Palestinian militant group held a small demonstration in Gaza City.

Protests have been threatened at the following locations:

  • Kuwait: Although a protest was called for at the US Embassy in Kuwait City for September 12, it may not have come to fruition.
  • Nigeria: Although there have been no demonstrations thus far, security forces have been placed on “red alert” as a precaution.
  • Pakistan: Demonstrations have been called for in Pakistan on 14 September.
  • Afghanistan: Afghan officials, fearing unrest similar to that triggered by a Koran-burning earlier this year, have taken extensive steps to prevent violent protests.


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