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New Flight Crew Requirements for India 15 April 13

Posted by Summer Jenkins in Visa News.
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by Leydy Jimenez, Associate Director and Country Information Coordinator for India

Indian consulates in several US cities have recently begun to request additional documentation for flight crew members, particularly pilots, in a move that appears to be connected with a change in consular staff.  The consulates, which so far include Washington, DC, Houston, and New York City, require several documents for visa services which are difficult  for many crew to produce, such as:

* A No Objection Certificate and Air Operator’s Permit from the Indian sponsoring organization, both issued by the Indian Director General of Civil Aviation (see weblink http://www.dgca.nic.in/operator/ops-ind.htm; choose the “Obtaining a Permit” link on the left sidebar)

* An individual-specific approval (otherwise unspecified) from the Director General of Civil Aviation

* A copy of the landing permit

The new requirements are common requests for employment visas for foreign crewmembers, but are generally not possible to obtain for crewmembers who will visit India as non-immigrants.  Their duties are generally to transport passengers, deliver aircraft, meet with clients, or otherwise perform tasks that were previously associated with business purposes, and until recently the consulates would issue business visas to crewmembers.

G3 Visas & Passports has spoken with consular officials in Washington, DC, to petition for simpler requirements, and we have also met with the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) to ask for their assistance in engaging the Indian consulates.  The consulates have been unresponsive so far, unfortunately, but G3 continues to ask that crew be given consideration for visas in a timely manner.  In the meantime, US crewmembers who must visit India for crew purposes are requested to call G3 Visas & Passports for visa assistance.


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