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Embassy Closures for the week of 4 February – 9 February 4 February 13

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This week’s embassy and consulate list  sees closures at Burundi, Lebanon, Mozambique and Sri Lanka.

February 4, Monday:

Mozambique closed for Heroes’ Day (holiday was Sunday)

Sri Lanka closed for National Day

February 5,Tuesday:  

Burundi closed for Unity Day

February 8, Friday:  

Lebanon closed for Saint Maroun’s Day (holiday is Saturday)

Although this is a relatively light week for closures, next week will have extended closures for Chinese New Year. China will be closed Monday through Wednesday (SF Consulate reopens before the others, on Wednesday) and Vietnam will be closed Monday through Thursday. Taiwan, Indonesia and Malaysia will also be closed on Monday.

As always, when an embassy or consulate is closed, there are no visa  applications accepted and no new visas are issued on that day. Also, visas already in process at a closed consulate have to count additional time when calculating the time required to have a visa issued as a holiday does not count as a visa processing day.

Embassy Closure List week of 1 October 2012 1 October 12

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October 1 is a big day for national days around the world with
Nigeria, Botswana and China all closed on the first.  Many of
the PRC consular offices are taking additional days and embassy
closure schedule is not standard for the various consulates and the
Embassy in Washington, DC.

Monday, 1 October

China closed for National Day
Botswana closed for Botswana Day
Cameroon closed
Nigeria closed for National Day
Sao Tome and  Principe closed
Uzbekistan closed for Day of Teachers and Instructors

Tuesday, 2 October

China(Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco consulates
only) closed for National Day
India closed for Mahatma Ghandi’s birthday
Guinea closed for Independence Day

Wednesday, 3 October

(Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles and New York consulates only) closed
for National Day
South Korea closed for Foundation Day

Thursday, 4 October

Mozambique closed for Peace and National Reconciliation Day

Friday, 5 October

Egypt closed for Armed Forces Day
Syria closed for Tishreen Liberation War Day

Remember when consular office are closed there are no visa processed
or new applications accepted on that day. When an embassy or
consulate is closed, that day does count as a processing day and
applications currently in for process will have the visa processing
extended to include the non processing closure day. Please account
for extra time if you are applying for a visa to a country whose office closed because of holiday.
If you have any questions on how long your visa request will take
for a particular country please feel free to contact our
professional staff
for more information.