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Embassy Closure List week of 22 October 2012 22 October 12

Posted by Jonathan V. Phillips in Embassy Consulate Closure.
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Embassy closures  has the Islamic holiday of Eid al-Adha causing closures at the end of the week. Applicants can expect to have visa processing delays due to  embassy closures at consulates and embassies representing Muslim countries.  This week’s other notable closures include Kazakhstan’s national day, independence days for Zambia and Turkmenistan and Thailand closing for Chulalongkorn. India has a closure for Dusshera but the processing center is open for new submissions, applications in process and will take an extra day to process visas as the Indian embassy and all their consulates are closed.

23 October, Tuesday
Thailand closed for Chulalongkorn Memorial Day/King Rama V Day

24 October, Wednesday
India closed for Dusshera; Travisa open for submissions
Zambia closed for Independence Day

October 25, Thursday Eid al-Adha begins this evening; closures will include:
Saudi Arabia (embassy and all consulates)
Kazakhstan closed for Republic Day

October 26, Friday  Eid al-Adha – closures will include:
Saudi Arabia (embassy and all consulates)
Benin closed for Armed Forces Day
Cambodia closed for Coronation Day
Turkmenistan closed for Independence Day

Remember when consular office are closed there are no visa processed
or new applications accepted on that day. When an embassy or
consulate is closed, that day does count as a processing day and
applications currently in for process will have the visa processing
extended to include the non processing closure day. Please account
for extra time if you are applying for a visa to a country whose office closed because of holiday.
If you have any questions on how long your visa request will take
for a particular country please feel free to contact our
professional staff for more information.

International Protest Update, September 21 21 September 12

Posted by Summer Jenkins in State Department Update.
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Ten days after the first protests broke out at US Consulates in Egypt and Libya, demonstrations continue, and have now spread to nations beyond the Islamic world.  In some nations, protesters have targeted locales deemed to be American interests, such as fast food restaurants and movie theaters.  French Embassies and interests are also now at risk, following a French magazine’s publication of cartoons mocking the Prophet Mohammed on September 19.

The US State Department has responded by temporarily closing dozens of diplomatic missions abroad, and has issued official warnings for the following countries:

  • Austria – planned protest at the US Embassy in Vienna on Saturday.
  • Australia – possible demonstrations in multiple locations in Perth this weekend.
  • India – Several US Consulates have been closed as a precaution following last week’s protests in Kashmir and Chennai.
  • Ireland – planned protest at the US Embassy in Dublin on Friday afternoon.
  • Jordan – several demonstrations planned at the US Embassy and other locations in Amman on Friday afternoon.
  • Mali – high risk of protests and civil unrest targeting the embassies of USA and France in Bamako on Friday and throughout the weekend.
  • Mauritania – high risk of protests at the embassies of USA and France in Nouakchott, as well as at the Grande Mosque and Marche Capital areas on Friday and throughout the weekend.
  • Nigeria – the US Embassy in Abuja and the US Consulate General in Lagos will close at 11:00AM today as a precautionary measure, as demonstrations are likely.
  • Norway – two planned demonstrations on Friday afternoon, one at the US Embassy in Oslo, and one in Oslo’s Youngstorget area.
  • Pakistan – the US Consulate General in Lahore is temporarily closed due to violent protests.  Demonstrations are ongoing in other cities, including Peshawar, Islamabad, Karachi and Rawalpindi.
  • Tunisia – protests at the US Embassy in Tunis are expected on Friday.  The Embassy and Consular Section is temporarily closed to the public.
  • Turkmenistan – although no protests have yet been announced, the US Embassy in Ashgabat warns US citizens of the possibility of demonstrations arising spontaneously.
  • Uganda – the US Embassy in Kampala urges US citizens to “keep a low profile and avoid unnecessary travel,” as demonstrations are likely to occur throughout Uganda this weekend.

Further protests have occurred in Kabul, Afghanistan, Jakarta and several other cities in Indonesia, Quito, Ecuador, and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The US State Department has also issued warnings for Gabon, Spain and Malta, although demonstrations in those countries are likely to be for unrelated political and economic reasons.