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Embassy Closures : week of 11 February – 15 February 11 February 13

Posted by Jonathan V. Phillips in Embassy Consulate Closure.
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Embassy Closure

This week starts a New Year for many in Asia. Lunar New Year is observed this week and many embassies and consulates will closed, some for an extended period. Starting on Monday the 11th of February China, Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam will all be closed. The Chinese embassy and most of it’s consulates around the country will be closed until Thursday February 14th. Vietnam will stay closed until Friday, the 15th of February. An addition to the New Year, there are closures at the embassies of Cameroon and Myanmar this week. Afghanistan will be closed on Friday to observe their Day of Liberation.

11 February, Monday: 

Lunar New YearChina, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan and Vietnam 

Youth Day – Cameroon   

12 February, Tuesday:

Lunar New Year – China and Vietnam 

Union Day – Myanmar

13 February, Wednesday:  

Lunar New Year – China (Chinese consulate in San Francisco is open) and Vietnam

14 February, Thursday:  

Lunar New Year – Vietnam (Embassy in DC is open)


15 February, Friday:

Liberation Day – Afghanistan 

As is always the case for holiday closures, the closure means no new visa  will be submitted or completed jobs picked up. A holiday does not count towards the total processing time associated with completing a request.  Because of the two holidays travelers are advised to take into account any extra time their requests my require when determining to how quickly to process their visa request



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